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Certified Life Coach: Dennis Hays, PCLC

Dear Friend:

Years ago, after spending months submitting resumes with no response, I took a walk with a lifelong friend. While walking, I expressed my frustration at not having an income for years and my wife's reluctance to agree to buy a computer I sorely needed to do contract work.

Minutes later, my life changed as if I jumped into a different reality. While that sounds like hyperbole, the "shift" was seismic in proportion. The following morning, without prompting, my wife suggested we order a computer, which we did. Within a week, I had a substantial contract to revise the documentation for a hospital operating room.

From this October Shift, as I now call it, I've spent years learning more about what kept me in the pre-shift state of not only codependence, but also how I consistently self-sabotaged my ability to find work, have healthy relationships, and erase self-doubt.

When we work together in our sessions, I listen carefully and ask questions, prompting and encouraging you to examine your beliefs and assumptions, rediscover yourself, determine what's important, make aligned choices, and help you navigate the future. The benefits of this sort of guided self-work, I can tell you firsthand, can be life-changing.


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